Symposium Publishing House

Symposium Publishing House Ltd. is an independent book publishing company founded in 1994. Our main line of business is high quality fiction and non-fiction (humanities) translated from various European languages. We pride ourselves of the level of our translations, editorial work, design and overall printing quality. We are honored to be associated with the names of Vladimir Nabokov, James Joyce, Umberto Eco, Elfriede Jelinek, Peter Hoeg, Sigiezmund Krzhyzhanowski, Romain Gary, Yukio Mishima, Mervyn Peak, Alessandro Baricco, Robert Irwin, Claudio Magris.

The intellectual Russian readers associate Symposium with the highly commendable Ex Libris series (20th cent. classics), Sphere series of bilingual poetry, collected works by Vladimir Nabokov, Sasha Sokolov, Umberto Eco, Romain Gary, Sigiezmund Krzhyzhanowski.

In 2007 we have opened a new branch, Alexandria Publishing and Humanities Agency, that covers a wide range of projects in humanities — non-fiction books, books in foreign languages, movie- and television projects. We offer book-preparation and book-publishing services to international cultural institutions and individual authors.

The most aspiring Alexandria project is the highly acclaimed Making of Europe series published under the auspices of the famous French historian Jacques Le Goff.

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